There are 5 main seasons in the Total Drama Next Generation series. They are listed in order here, with links to their main page and elimination table. 

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There are 3 generations of contestants in the Total Drama Next Generation series. There are a total of 50 contestants.

  • Generation 6 consists of 26 contestants
    • This includes Starlight Savanna, Back in Action, Island Homecoming and Comeback Cruise.
  • Generation 7 consists of 10 contestants
    • This includes Big Brother. 
  • Generation 8 consists of 14 contestants
    • This includes Camp Breton. 

For a list of challenges, visit Total Drama Next Generation Challenges .


Total Drama Next Generation episodes
E# S# Episode Airdate
Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna
1 Call it a Comeback - Part 1 September 21, 2017
2 Call it a Comeback - Part 2 September 23, 2017
3 The Legend of Harambe October 16, 2017
4 Pain-t in My Neck October 17, 2017
5 Show Me Your Skills October 22, 2017
6 You'll Be Sahari October 27, 2017
7 What Lurks Beneath October 29, 2017
8 Be Very Very Wary October 31, 2017
9 Look Here, Look There, Look Everywhere November 3, 2017
10 A Whole Load of Bull November 5, 2017
11 Brace for the Race November 9, 2017
12 Converge at the Merge November 11, 2017
13 The Elephant in the Room November 15, 2017
14 Fools That Duel November 19, 2017
15 Match Made in Heaven November 21, 2017
16 Were's the Wolf? November 26, 2017
17 Chimp on Your Shoulder December 1, 2017
18 Tongue Tied and Twisted December 4, 2017
19 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Placer? December 5, 2017
20 This Means War December 7, 2017
21 Come So Far, Got One More To Go December 9, 2017
22 Party Under the Stars - Finale December 15, 2017
23 Time For Another Comeback December 18, 2017
Total Drama Next Generation: Back in Action
1 24 Let's Get Physical January 6, 2018
2 25 One Beach is Enough January 9, 2018
3 26 Zero Gravity Games January 13, 2018
4 27 From Trash to Treasure January 16, 2018
5 28 Aftermath #1: Hometown Hero January 17, 2018
6 29 Alienating the Enemies January 20, 2018
7 30 Love Doctor January 22, 2018
8 31 Dodging a Disaster January 26, 2018
9 32 Aftermath #2: Problematic Personalities January 27, 2018
10 33 The Karate Kids January 31, 2018
11 34 Total Drama: The Musical February 7, 2018
12 35 006: GildedEye February 11, 2018
13 36 Aftermath #3: The Host Debacle February 13, 2018
14 37 Locked Out For Good February 17, 2018
15 38 You've Got a Fiend in Me February 23, 2018
16 39 To Infamy ... and Beyond! February 26, 2018
17 40 Aftermath #4: The Final Show February 28, 2018
18 41 The Finale Won't Solve Itself March 3, 2018
19 42 Anchor's Away March 6, 2018
Total Drama Next Generation: Island Homecoming
1 43 Third Time's the Charm March 19, 2018
2 44 Finger Pointing and Name Calling March 21, 2018
3 45 Lighting a Flame Under You March 25, 2018
4 46 Gotta Swim To Win March 27, 2018
5 47 Falling For Ya April 2, 2018
6 48 Reject Resort ~ Edition #1 April 4, 2018
7 49 Buzzer B-eater April 7, 2018
8 50 Panic! at the Beach April 10, 2018
9 51 Drop It Like It's Hot April 11, 2018
10 52 And Away We Go April 18, 2018
11 53 No Blain, No Gain April 25, 2018
12 54 Reject Resort ~ Edition #2 April 26, 2018
13 55 An Elusive Exposé April 29, 2018
14 56 Four No More May 6, 2018
15 57 What I Woodn't Do For Fame May 14, 2018
16 58 The Final Homecoming May 17, 2018
Total Drama Next Generation: Comeback Cruise
1 59 Underdogs Going Overboard March 12, 2019
2 60 Rockin' and Rollin' March 15, 2019
3 61 Don't Mind If I Stew March 26, 2019
4 62 When You Try Your Best But You Don't Succeed April 1st, 2019
5 63 Feelin' Aquafina Fine April 16th, 2019
6 64 Overflowing to Victory April 25th, 2019
7 65 You're My New Best Friend May 2nd, 2019
8 66 A Picture Perfect Moment May 8th, 2019
9 67 Critical Capture May 18th, 2019
10 68 Checkmate May 25th, 2019
11 69 Aftermath #5: Mid-Season Mayhem May 29th, 2019
12 70 Stay Warm As Rivalries Form June 4th, 2019
13 71 The Great Toboggan Race June 10th, 2019
14 72 Everything Is Not As It Seems June 19th, 2019
15 73 Chefette's Combat Course June 23rd, 2019
16 74 Don't Rain On My Charade June 25th, 2019
17 75 Bone-a Fide Games Of The Mind June 27th, 2019
18 76 The Eerie End Of An Era July 5th, 2019
Total Drama Next Generation: Camp Breton
1 77 Fresh Faces In New Places July 13th, 2019
2 78 Sleep Is For The Weak July 18th, 2019
3 79 Having A Field Day July 27th, 2019
4 80 A Vision Via Chicken July 30th, 2019
5 81 Battle Of The Bands August 12th, 2019
6 82 The Truth Hits Hotter August 19th, 2019
7 83 Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun August 23rd, 2019
8 84 Digging For Damsels In Distress September 1st, 2019
9 85 Outrun The Crazies September 5th, 2019
10 86 Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of This September 11th, 2019
11 87
12 88
13 89
14 90


Elimination is the process in the Total Drama My Way franchise where a contestant is removed from the competition, most often occurring after they are voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants. Other possible methods include quitting, leaving due to injury, or being automatically eliminated for coming in last.

Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Angela Female Fighting Spirits 20th Call it a Comeback - Part 2 Even though Megan's attitude really ticked off the team, Angela's constant arrogance and bad singing annoyed them even more, prompting them to vote her out instead.
Jake Male Barbaric Bones 19th The Legend of Harambe His plan to lure Harambe and trap him failed when the gorilla rampaged past him, destroying his team's camera and setup. Because of this and the fact that he was not seen as a useful member, his team decided to eliminate him.
Violet Female Barbaric Bones Returns Pain-t in My Neck Violet's annoying tendencies to continuously talk and talk with no filter really irritated most of her teammates, but reached a boiling point with certain members thanks in part to Georgia's sabotage.
Xavier Male Fighting Spirits 18th Show Me Your Skills Danny and Casey successfully threw the challenge, per the request of Landovan, so they could eliminate one of Greg, Vince and Xavier because they thought they were a dangerous trio. In the end, they chose Xavier due to his brains.
Wendelle Female Fighting Spirits 17th You'll Be Sahari After Landovan befriended Greg, the secret alliance decided that Greg and Vince are probably best to keep for the time being. After Wendelle and Ron's seesaw friendship blew up thanks to Georgia and Jackie, Momma Wendelle was seen as a weak link and thus voted off.
Ron Male Barbaric Bones Returns What Lurks Beneath Because Wendelle took his drugs with her as she was eliminated, Ron experienced some heavy drug withdrawals. He was having outbursts, and snapping at his team. Since they lost, they all decided to vote him out, as he was becoming a bit scary.
Octavio Male Barbaric Bones 16th Be Very Very Wary Despite him trying in the challenge, he fell back on old habits. Seen as the metaphorical "bottom of the team totem pole", the team knew they needed to get rid of their weakest link. Octavio figured his elimination was coming, and accepted it.
Fran Female Barbaric Bones 15th Look Here, Look There, Look Everywhere With the guilt of Octavio's elimination prevalent in her thoughts, and her team's increasing bickering, Fran felt the stress and no longer wanted to compete with them. She told her teammates to vote for her, so they could all "figure their crap out".
Cosmo Male Barbaric Bones 14th A Whole Load of Bull Brendan was the original target, however he used his immunity idol, keeping him safe. This shocked the rest of the team, and since Jackie proved to be a dominant team player while Cosmo flopped twice in the challenge, he was the only logical replacement.
Landovan Male Fighting Spirits 13th Brace for the Race After they finally lost a challenge, the secret alliance decided that Megan would be their target, until Danny discovered she had an immunity idol. They got her to play it, but also accidentally got Greg, their next target, to play his as well. With a +1 vote against him from a previous elimination ceremony, Landovan was eliminated due in part to Georgia's scheme.
Ron Male Barbaric Bones 12th Converge at the Merge When he rejoined the game, everyone thought he was still crazy, which wasn't the case. During the challenge, Georgia showed him her true self, and threatened his game if she blew up hers. He attempted to before elimination, but it backfired on him, and he got voted out once more.
Georgia Female Fighting Spirits 11th The Elephant in the Room Casey and Danny exposed Georgia in front of everyone, causing her to drop her act and reveal her true self. She came close to getting immunity in the challenge playing dirty, but ultimately failed. Despite most people feeling intimidated by her, she still got Violet to rally some votes not against her, but because she never specified her target, she was eliminated by one vote.
Jackie Female Barbaric Bones 10th Fools That Duel After finishing in the top three in every challenge post merge, Jackie established herself as a clear competition threat. Couple that with the fact that Casey won immunity, Jackie was always a target to go home. After Vince made a risky move, his vote was the deciding factor that ended up sending Jackie home over Danny.
Violet Female Barbaric Bones 9th Match Made in Heaven Despite thinking she was in a good place with most people, Violet's personality ended up getting the best of her yet again. With Danny scheming to take himself off the block, Megan and China both thinking that Violet is a phony, and Vince trying to prove himself to his Bro Squad, Violet was almost unanimously voted off again.
Vince Male Fighting Spirits 8th Were's the Wolf? In attempting to prove himself actually loyal to Greg, Vince went through with voting for himself at elimination. After Megan played an immunity idol, a bunch of the others decided it was Vince's turn to go. He was originally going to be saved by Brendan's decision to quit because of injury, but Kassondra decided to eliminate both of them.
Brendan Male Barbaric Bones 7th During the challenge, Brendan got attacked and very injured by the werewolf that they were hunting. With the new injury clause in effect, Brendan decided at first to stay in the game. That is, however, until he learned that Vince would be going home and decided to quit to save him, and because he realized he couldn't really physically compete. However, Kassondra decided to eliminate both of them.
Aubrey Female Barbaric Bones 6th Tongue Tied and Twisted In their first and last automatic elimination challenge of the season, the final six had to round up and capture 5 emus a piece, since they were migrating over to their part of the savanna. Following some trouble via Greg and Harambe, Aubrey was having a difficult time managing to catch the birds, and in the end was the last one to complete the challenge, causing her automatic elimination.
Casey Female Fighting Spirits 5th Are You Smarter Than a 5th Placer? China decided that she would vote for Danny with Megan and Greg, however after he won immunity, that plan fell through. At the elimination ceremony, Greg and Megan voted for Casey to avenge Vince and hurt Danny, while Danny and China voted for Megan. Casey had a no vote penalty that she forgot about, and therefore caused a tiebreaker, in which she lost.
Greg Male Fighting Spirits 4th This Means War In a guys vs girls challenge, it was Danny and Greg vs Megan and China in a race to get back to the mess hall from inside the savanna. Despite both pairs encountering problems at first, both pushed through and made it to the end. However, thanks to China's slaps, the boys ended up losing, and the girls got the sole two votes at elimination. At first looking like a tie, Danny and China managed to get Megan to keep her enemies closer, and vote out Greg.
China Female Barbaric Bones 3rd Come So Far, Got One More To Go Thinking that the person who won immunity in the challenge would get to pick who to bring to the finale with them, Megan and China devised a plan to let Megan win immunity and she'd take China with her. Danny led the whole challenge, but China stalled him enough to let Megan win immunity. However, it was the eliminated contestants who got to vote on the second finalist, and in a 9-8 vote, they chose Danny.
Megan Female Fighting Spirits 2nd Party Under the Stars-Finale The final challenge of the season was to tame an animal using Chefette's special dish, then race to the finish line on them. During the challenge, Danny managed to get Megan's secret out of her, which stalled her and gave him the lead, until the two clashed and were sent flying into the river. As they ran neck and neck to the finish line, Danny barely edged out Megan, winning the million dollars. He proceeded to then share some of his earnings with Megan.
Danny Male Fighting Spirits 1st
Total Drama Next Generation: Back in Action eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Violet Female Proud Producers 14th One Beach is Enough No one really liked Violet that much going into the season, as she was still a very persistent and annoying socialite. However, Casey manipulated Violet into stalling their portion of the challenge, allowing the Daring Directors to win. When the team asked what happened, Casey pinned the blame on Violet, and therefore was voted out.
Casey Female Proud Producers 13th Zero Gravity Games Casey was clearly becoming a more moody and irritable person ever since her elimination last season, but no one knew why. She finally confessed that she's incredibly homesick, and just wanted to go home. After a poor performance in the challenge, she subtly asked her team to vote her out so she could go home.
Vince Male Daring Directors 12th From Trash to Treasure Even though the whole team was responsible for their loss, Vince's contribution to the challenge was very little as he let Jackie win it for the Producers. Later before elimination, Cosmo caught on to Danny's alliance with the Bro Squad, and sabotaged it by getting the rest of his team to vote out Vince.
Greg Male Daring Directors 11th Alienating the Enemies After losing his feelings for Jackie, Greg became annoyed by her competitive spirit. His mission to beat her at everything drew the attention of everyone else, as they all grew frustrated with their behavior. Cosmo got the rest of his team to vote out their captain, therefore eliminating Danny's other alliance.
Jackie Female Proud Producers 10th Love Doctor Since she outlasted Greg, Jackie had no one left who would challenge her physically, and to make up for it, tried to make a competition out of anything with anyone. It got old quick, and her short temper, over-competitiveness and selfish tendencies got the best of her. Her team had enough of it, and all voted her out after Danny threw the challenge [for other reasons].
Megan Female Daring Directors 9th Dodging a Disaster Megan already felt like Cosmo was abandoning her by growing closer to Fran, Landovan and China. However, Cosmo found out that she and Danny kissed, and that she told Danny his plans of using him in the alliance. They both felt jealous and betrayed, and throughout the challenge the two fought. Once they lost, Cosmo got Fran and Landovan to vote her out with him.
Ron Male Proud Producers 8th The Karate Kids Ron and Georgia finally became a couple, which got the attention of Xavier, as he was the only one who knew. He became wary of the amount of couples in the game, knowing that they hold power. During the challenge, Ron let his anger issues get the best of him, which Danny and Xavier took note of, prompting Danny to vote for him and Xavier to choose between the two, ultimately deciding on letting it come down to a tiebreaker. However, Ron once again let his anger get the best of him, and he lost to Danny.
Xavier Male Proud Producers 7th Total Drama: The Musical Realizing his decision to keep Danny might have been a mistake, Xavier decided to join Cosmo in trying to get Danny out. However, during a song in the challenge, Cosmo spilt to Danny that he had persuaded Xavier to join his side. Frustrated, Danny became eager to get them out. Once Cosmo won immunity, Danny, Fran and Landovan knew they had to stick together, and persuaded China to vote out Xavier with them. Defeated, Xavier respected the move, knowing he was outplayed yet again.
China Female Daring Directors 6th 006: GildedEye After consecutive elimination ceremonies in which China didn't vote with Cosmo, the latter felt betrayed, especially after his newest ally Xavier was just eliminated. Cosmo decided to push China's buttons all episode long and use her fear of being underground to his advantage, irritating some of the other contestants. Once Danny secured immunity, Cosmo knew he had to get rid of her, and told Georgia, Fran and Landovan that she was going to vote for them, resulting in her dramatic elimination.
Danny Male Proud Producers 5th Locked Out For Good Tired and stressed from the previous couple of episodes, Danny was not on his usual game for this challenge. He fell behind quickly in the challenge, thinking that a way out was using a key, but failing to realize there was no key hole until Cosmo told him. When it came down to just him and Cosmo, the latter tried to sabotage him mentally by belittling him, catching him off guard with a kiss, and then taking the last exit that Danny found himself. Eventually, Cosmo secured the final spot, and Danny was automatically eliminated.
Landovan Male Daring Directors 4th You've Got a Fiend in Me After a brief split up, Fran and Landovan got back together, making them a power duo in the final four. Cosmo took notice of this, and decided they were the bigger target heading into the semi-finals. Since Cosmo won the challenge, he got the power to eliminate anyone of his choice. He narrowed it down to the couple, and based on the fact that Landovan was more of a social and physical threat than Fran, Cosmo chose to eliminate him.
Cosmo Male Daring Directors 3rd To Infamy ... and Beyond! Cosmo knew he was alone in his pursuit towards the finale, and did not make any effort to amend things with the other two girls. Throughout the whole challenge, the girls went back and forth with him trying to sabotage each other. Once it came down to him and Fran, Cosmo tried to bully her into a depression, and knocked her off the cliff in order to possess the final immunity statue. Little did he know, Fran was waiting at the bottom for him, and had her animal friends attack him, giving her the last immunity statue. Feeling embarrassed and in pain, Cosmo received his karma from the season and was automatically eliminated.
Fran Female Daring Directors 2nd The Finale Won't Solve Itself The final challenge of the season had the two girls running around the film lot in the order that they had the challenges, trying to solve riddles about previously eliminated contestants. While Fran took a small lead at about the halfway point, Georgia caught back up towards the end and the girls looked relatively even heading into the final home stretch. Both feeling tired, the footrace to the Aftermath Studio resulted in Georgia barely beating out Fran, winning the million dollars.
Georgia Female Proud Producers 1st
Total Drama Next Generation: Island Homecoming eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Vince Male N/A 16th Third Time's the Charm After Vince insisted that the Bro Squad change directions in order to follow Liana, they fell behind almost everybody in the race to the mountaintop. Once Greg and Brendan scaled the mountain, Vince almost reached the top until slipping and falling all the way back down to the base. He told the other two to secure their spots on a team and he'd meet them up there, however he ended up being the last person to finish and was automatically eliminated.
Cosmo Male Team Testosterone 15th Finger Pointing and Name Calling Cosmo decided that in order to earn the trust back from Megan and China and to set up a late game push, he'd throw the first challenge. While doing so, he told his team he'd look for materials but he actually went looking for a tiki idol with the intent of playing individual immunity, and found one until Harambe hit it into a river. Once he came back to his team empty handed, they figured he was up to no good and decided to vote him out.
China Female The Dream Team 14th Lighting a Flame Under You After Cosmo told her and Megan where a tiki idol was, they went to look for it. However, once they found it, neither knew what to do with it, and decided to hide it while they partook in the challenge. During the race, Megan went to the bush and took it for herself, causing them to fall behind a little. At the end of the challenge, China was surpassed by Jackie, giving them a loss. China went to find the idol but didn't, angering her. In the end, Liana sided with the guys and decided to get rid of a threat.
Wendelle Female Team Grief 13th Gotta Swim To Win Wendelle's team had suspicions of her when she chose to interact with mostly people from the other teams. Aubrey decided to sit out of the challenge to see if Wendelle could help, but her motherly-instincts proved to be her defining factor. Because of that, Angela thought of her as too safe and boring, wanting to keep the drama queens on her team. So, she had Octavio lie to Jackie and Aubrey about their votes so her and Octavio could vote out Wendelle, as she didn't see a reason why the others would.
Georgia Female Team Testosterone 12th Falling For Ya Georgia knew that should her team lose, she was on the short end of the stick, and was trying to not lose. However, after Megan and Danny swapped teams thanks to Megan's idol usage, the teams got a little unfocused. Georgia was the last person remaining for her team in the challenge, but Liana accidentally hit her off, causing her team to lose. Since Greg and Brendan let Danny in the bro squad and they know he and Megan are a thing, they opted to vote her out, along with Megan.
Danny Male Team Testosterone 11th Buzzer B-eater After Danny happened to find a tiki idol, he decided to take his chances and go back onto Team Testosterone, ending up swapping with Brendan. However, during the challenge, Angela and Octavio's sabotage for The Dream Team ended up affecting Team Testosterone instead, and they unfairly lost the challenge. After Greg pulled out a surprise tiki idol for immunity, Danny and Megan were forced to vote for each other. But in order to win her over, Danny voted himself off, saying it was his time to go anyway.
Aubrey Female Team Grief 10th Panic! at the Beach At first looking like they were gonna be in second, Team Grief's progress was stalled after Liana tripped on a rock and accidentally pushed Aubrey off of the cliff. Greg and Megan then found her with a broken leg and unable to feel her other one, and shortly afterwards Blaineley and Chefette came to take care of her. Once the challenge was over, Kassondra announced that there would be no elimination and that Aubrey decided to quit under her own power, so she could seek treatment on Reject Resort.
Brendan Male The Dream Team 9th Drop It Like It's Hot Despite their previous alliance, Stud Muffin and Jake figured that Liana was dangerous and decided they would get rid of her, even with the differences between the former and Brendan. However, once Liana was granted immunity thanks to Angela giving her the last tiki idol, they had no choice but to vote him out. It ended up being a tie in the votes between him and Jake, and after getting distracted and falling behind in the tiebreaker challenge, Brendan was sent packing right before merge.
Jake Male The Dream Team 8th And Away We Go The first challenge of merge was uncharacteristically an automatic elimination challenge. Since Angela insisted that Liana was in her debt, she told her to sabotage Stud Muffin in the challenge to mess with Jake. Despite at first doing so, Octavio unintentionally convinced Liana to sabotage Angela instead, and in trying to do so, ended up sinking Jake's float. Because of this, Stud Muffin let Jake onto his float, as he pushed them to the finish line. Even though it was originally thought that Octavio would be eliminated for coming in last, due to a technicality, Jake never crossed the finish line with his float, prompting his elimination.
Megan Female Team Testosterone 7th No Blain, No Gain Angela decided to target Megan as she felt attacked and insulted by her, and tried to get Stud Muffin on her side while seeing Jackie and Greg as entertaining and non-threatening. Though come elimination it would be seen that Stud Muffin voted with the Trifecta Alliance instead, which should have sent Angela home. However, Chefette switched the votes knowing that Blaineley is fond of Angela, with the intent to frame Blaineley for rigging and get her fired.
Liana Female The Dream Team 6th/5th An Elusive Exposé Octavio and Liana finally decided that they wanted to get rid of Angela and were gonna vote her off with the others. However, Angela ended up using the final tiki idol to save herself, and therefore the two ended up voting with her. Because Stud Muffin hated Liana for what she's done, his side voted against her, while Angela's side voted against him. In the end, it was a 3-3 tie, and because of the volcano becoming active again, Kassondra wanted to hurry things up and decided it would be a double elimination.
Stuart Male The Dream Team
Jackie Female Team Grief 4th Four No More In a Boys vs Girls challenge, Jackie and Angela did not work well together, but Greg got Octavio to join him and Jackie to get rid of Angela. Greg was able to convince Jackie to throw the challenge so that she could beat Angela and send her home in the sudden death face off, despite it being against her beliefs to do so. In the end, Angela outplayed and distracted Jackie, causing Jackie to lose the sudden death duel and send her home.
Octavio Male Team Grief 3rd What I Woodn't Do For Fame With special immunity up for grabs, everyone knew that the winner would get to choose who they take to the finale with them. Greg and Octavio decided to work together on the challenge in order to have a better chance to defeat Angela, however that proved to cost them some time as Angela got ahead of them. After almost giving up, Octavio agreed to help Greg finish finding his wooden heads and in a close race, Greg almost won immunity except he forgot to place Georgia. Therefore, Angela won immunity and chose to eliminate Octavio, due to him abandoning her previously and providing no more usefulness. Her new rivalry with Greg compels her to try and beat him in the finale.
Angela Female Team Grief 2nd The Final Homecoming For the first part of the final challenge, Angela and Greg had to build a little homecoming dance party on the beach, in which the previous contestants would vote on their favorite. During this challenge, Angela made them perform a song, but it didn't help her as everyone voted for Greg to get the advantage for part two. Carrying a football and a chosen "date", the final two had to race up to the volcano and sacrifice their football in order to win the million bucks. Greg got a 5 minute advantage thanks to part one, but Angela soon caught up thanks to Cosmo's scarf trick. Feeling beaten, Jackie helped motivate Greg and just when it seemed like Angela would win, Greg threw his football into the volcano from behind to win the million bucks, really pissing off Angela. After the sacrifice and her yelling, the volcano started to erupt, causing everyone to evacuate.
Greg Male Team Testosterone 1st
Total Drama Next Generation: Comeback Cruise eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Angela Female N/A Returns Underdogs Going Overboard After the events of Island Homecoming, Angela did not want to compete again on this season. However, the Producers reworked everyone's contracts so that they couldn't refuse participating in future seasons, making her unable to quit. Despite this, she had Ron throw her overboard off of the cruise so she could swim back home to start her show with Blaineley.
Steven Male Scuffling Sqiurrels Returns Rockin' and Rollin' During their first team challenge, it became clear to everyone that it was difficult to include Steven in it. After his wheelchair hit a rock and sent everyone flying off, their team lost, and most of them decided that it was in the team's best interest to eliminate him.
Angela Female Brawling Beetles 18th Don't Mind If I Stew Thinking that reverse psychology would work in his favor, Curtis confirmed to Angela she could quit due to the injury clause after she banged her head last episode. However, it didn't work and she left the ship when they docked, leaving him confused. After her team lost the challenge again without her there, and seeing a disheveled Curtis, the Beetles decided to unanimously vote out Angela anyway to put it to rest.
Octavio Male Scuffling Squirrels 17th When You Try Your Best But You Don't Succeed Xavier thought that Octavio's new and improved outlook on life would translate well to his performance and was afraid that he would fly under the radar again like last season, so he gathered votes to get rid of him, despite contributing and doing well in the challenge.
Fran Female Brawling Beetles 16th Feelin' Aquafina Fine After Erik found out that Fran was in an alliance with members of the other team, he targeted her in order to keep himself safe. Eventually he exposed her in front of everyone, and after some team conversing, she was made public target number one for being a supposed traitor.
Jake Male Brawling Beetles 15th Overflowing to Victory After his breakup with Stuart and questioning his identity, Jake was heavily distracted the past few challenges, which his team took notice of. Eventually, he became too much of a liability and his slow footedness cost his team the challenge, prompting them to vote him off.
Madeline Female Brawling Beetles 14th You're My New Best Friend After refusing to eat or drink for much of the past few days, Madeline started to become weaker and ill. Eventually, it caught up to her, as she passed out and fainted at the end of the challenge. Thanks to Hilda's guidance, Madeline decided to seek professional treatment for her eating disorder and quit the show.
Liana Female Brawling Beetles 13th/12th A Picture Perfect Moment After Liana got switched over to the Scuffling Squirrels, Ron went into full panic and rage mode. His team had enough, and after causing Wendelle to have an outburst during the challenge, Casey, Wendelle and Liana were ready to get rid of him. However, with Ron voting for Liana, Erik convinced Kate to vote out Liana too in order to keep Ron in, as he posed as a bigger threat than them. In the end, in a move to assert his dominance, Curtis eliminated both of them, opting not to do a tiebreaker.
Ron Male Brawling Beetles
Erik Male Brawling Beetles 11th Critical Capture Before the challenge, Xavier tried to persuade Erik to work with Kate in order to stay alive on his team, but he pretty much ignored it, which would come back to haunt him during the challenge. After losing, and despite his best attempts to get Casey and Wendelle on his side, the girls chose to keep Kate and he was sent packing.
Wendelle Female Brawling Beetles 10th Checkmate Xavier won a sole vote to eliminate anyone of his choice except for Stuart who won immunity, so since he couldn't eliminate his first target, he asked his allies for suggestions. Given that it was common knowledge that Casey and Wendelle vote together, and Wendelle's transformation also seemed to pose as a threat, Xavier ultimately decided to eliminate her.
Landovan Male Scuffling Squirrels 9th Stay Warm As Rivalries Form Stuck between alliances, Landovan didn't know where his loyalty lied, but ultimately Stuart forced Xavier's hand to make a move against one of his own allies. Xavier picked Landovan and got enough votes to blindside him.
Brendan Male Scuffling Squirrels 8th The Great Toboggan Race With Xavier scheming to get Stuart off of his back, the two agreed to temporarily align as X offered to eliminate his last publicly known ally, Brendan. Having overheard this plan, Brendan tried to rally votes to keep him safe, but to no avail as he ended up leaving bitter.
Kate Female Brawling Beetles 7th Everything Is Not As It Seems After seeing Kate and Aubrey make up, Xavier decided it was time to make a move against the girls. After Aubrey secured immunity, Xavier wrangled up the votes to narrowly avoid elimination and send Kate packing.
Stuart Male Scuffling Squirrels 6th Chefette's Combat Course After Stuart had a falling out with Casey and figured out that Xavier was using Violet, he didn't want to be a pawn in Xavier's game as well, so he decided to make up with Casey. When Xavier went to talk to him, Stuart blurted out that he can no longer trust him and their alliance is off, making himself a main target for X. The votes looked like it was heading to a tie at elimination, but Stuart's penalty box from last challenge yielded him a "no vote" and thus he was voted off without a say.
Violet Female Scuffling Squirrels 5th Don't Rain On My Charade In an automatic elimination challenge, the person to receive the least amount of points would be sent home. After a strong first round and subpar second round, Violet was looking good in the last round, until she tried to get Doug to go out in the rain with her. Once he did, he malfunctioned, short circuited and his head exploded off, catching Violet way off guard and freaking her out, making her upset. This prevented her from finishing, and therefore came in last in the challenge.
Xavier Male Scuffling Squirrels 4th Bone-a Fide Games Of The Mind With the other three semi-finalists trying to get in his head all challenge long, Xavier felt the pressure and was bombarded with thought after thought, distracting him from completing his task. When it came down to a foot race back to the ship, Xavier found himself as the last one to arrive, meaning he was automatically eliminated.
Casey Female Brawling Beetles 3rd In a surprise twist, Xavier got to pick one other person to be eliminated with him as the next episode would be the finale. After tormenting him all challenge long, Xavier got back at Casey and took her with him.
Steven Male Scuffling Squirrels 2nd The Eerie End Of An Era Despite Steven earning an advantage in the first challenge, he and Aubrey both showed up (alongside Xavier and Kate, their helpers) at the Pit of Fallen Soldiers at the same time. When they were about to throw their skeletons in, Angela emerged from the hole and exposed production, along with the fact that Steven technically shouldn't have been there under normal circumstances, which made him a little unmotivated. In the end, Aubrey managed to barely get her skeleton in the pit first, as Steven would explain to Xavier that he didn't feel right winning.
Aubrey Female Scuffling Squirrels 1st
Total Drama Next Generation: Comeback Cruise eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Derek Male Blue Lagoons 14th Sleep Is For The Weak On top of Caroline taking the first temptation and earning immunity, Derek's temper tantrums got the best of him as the team decided that they didn't want to deal with it.
Winona Female Rocky Shores 13th Having A Field Day Winona did nothing but annoy practically everybody often, and seemed to be the least helpful member of the team. That coupled with the fact she lost the challenge for the team by taking the Free Help Token temptation, she was an easy target for elimination.
Anika Female Blue Lagoons 12th A Vision Via Chicken After a couple members of the Rocky Shores exposed Anika for trying to cause tension on their team, the rest of the Blue Lagoons figured that Anika was more socially manipulative than the normal gossip girl and decided to get rid of her.
Porter Male Rocky Shores 11th Battle Of The Bands Porter took charge in the song competition as his entire team was distracted, and when they lost he took responsibility for it. That made the others feel better about voting him out, as Jay specifically felt it would help keep him safe if the other four team members that were intertwined with drama stayed.
Belinda Female Rocky Shores 10th The Truth Hits Hotter Michelle won a sole vote thanks to the challenge's temptation, and because of their previous beef regarding Victor, Michelle decided to eliminate Belinda so she wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.
Julian Male Blue Lagoons 9th Digging For Damsels In Distress Caroline initiated a plan to get rid of one of her only physical threats left as she used up her third immunity this elimination. After approaching Will and Raven, they decided that keeping Bonnie would be better for their long term games.
Kevin Male Rocky Shores 8th Outrun The Crazies During the challenge, Victor followed David into the control room and stumbled upon a "universal remote". After seeing it's power, he took it, thinking it would help him out. At the first merged ceremony, despite Kevin playing his hidden power of being able to cancel two people's votes, Victor used the remote to change the votes and Kevin was sent home, shocked.
Bonnie Female Blue Lagoons 7th Sweet Dreams Are Not Made Of This After being hit in the head by a rock due to island malfunctions, Bonnie fell in a dream state for most of the day. With her Goddess appearing and warning her to tell the others of the island's truth, she woke up and proceeded to do just that, but was met with judgmental eyes as everyone thought she had gone insane. So, they decided to finally vote her out.
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