Don is the host of Dash 4 Cash: The Forgotten Ones (Season 2). Chef Hatchet is the original host of the spinoff series, but was arrested at the conclusion of Season 1 and therefore fired.  Don takes over at the beginning of Season 2 for the whole season and the following Season 3.


Don seems to be indifferent to the risks of putting the contestants through dangerous challenges. Despite being indifferent to the dangerous challenges, he does show legitimate concern for the well-being of the contestants. 

Dash 4 Cash: The Forgotten Ones (Season 2)

In Dodging Hits and Throwing Fits, the camera scales around the scene and then to the host himself at the starting point, the Total Drama Action: My Way Film Lot. He then explains why he is hosting this season because Chef Hatchet hosted Season 1. After everyone arrives, he explains "Da Rules", which he later says he enjoys. He sends the contestants on their way to Dodger Stadium, and meets up with the first group there explaining the challenge, to run around the bases without being hit by a baseball, and introduces special guest and baseball hitter, Tyler, to them. As the challenge continues, Don derides Tyler for his inability to the contestants as the first six finish before the second plane's riders and plane three arrive. He greets B and Sugar at the Chill Zone respectively and then sees the PICBFFFLADATBs off as Leonard enters followed by Sam. He welcomes Dave to second to last place and finds Staci still trying to complete the challenge and announces that shes eliminated. She blabbers on until Tyler throws a bat at her, and the host thanks him for that and signs off the episode.


  • Don is voiced by Terry McGurrin, a writer of the series. He is the second character to be voiced by a writer, with the first being Jo.


  • According to Fresh TV, Don is somewhere in his forties.



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