There are 3 main seasons in the Dash 4 Cash series. They are listed in order here, with links to their main page and elimination table. 

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There are 5 generations of contestants in the Dash 4 Cash spinoff series. There are a total of 59 contestants.


Total Drama episodes
E# S# Episode Airdate
Dash 4 Cash: The New Generation
1 Oh Canada, My Love March 11, 2016
2 Golden Skies, Hawaiian Vibes March 14, 2016
3 A Heart as Cold as Ice March 20, 2016
4 Wild Snapshots March 25, 2016
5 Ice Ice Baby March 27, 2016
6 Fishing for Friends April 1, 2016
7 Sara in the Sahara April 3, 2016
8 Too Ch-easy April 4, 2016
9 Coffin Raiders April 11, 2016
10 Riding Solo April 14, 2016
11 Bummer in the Bahamas April 18, 2016
12 When Crazy Meets Crikey April 23, 2016
13 Dancing With Dragons April 26, 2016
14 The City of a Million Dollars May 8, 2016
Dash 4 Cash: The Forgotten Ones
1 15 Dodging Hits and Throwing Fits March 5, 2017
2 16 Insert Amazon Pun Here March 7, 2017
3 17 Third Degree Burn March 9, 2017
4 18 I'm Coco-nuts For You March 10, 2017
5 19 Hello and Dubai March 13, 2017
6 20 Hot, Cold, and Everything In Between March 15, 2017
7 21 Cha-Ching in China March 15, 2017
8 22 Zimbabwe and Away We Go March 20, 2017
9 23 Beach Bums March 21, 2017
10 24 Santa's Little Elves March 22, 2017
11 25 Bailar Conmigo March 23, 2017
12 26 Oiling Over the Top March 24, 2017
13 27 Journey to Middle Earth March 25, 2017
14 28 Jailbirds March 26, 2017
15 29 Crashdown in Frozentown March 28, 2017
16 30 The Wall Shall Fall March 29, 2017
17 31 Russian Rendezvous March 29, 2017
18 32 The Art of Winning A Million Dollars March 29, 2017
Dash 4 Cash: Special Edition
1 33 Starting Out Down Under June 13, 2017
2 34 Great Barrier Beef June 15, 2017
3 35 It's A Mile To The Nile June 17, 2017
4 36 Yu, Mi, And A Cup Of Tea June 20, 2017
5 37 Frozen Failures June 22, 2017
6 38 Speared Through The Heart June 24, 2017
7 39 Burn Baby Burn June 27, 2017
8 40 Double Whammy June 29, 2017
9 41 Pizza Party July 1, 2017
10 42 Beauty and the Beach July 4, 2017
11 43 Graveyard Blues July 6, 2017
12 44 Only One Will Trump Them All - Finale July 8, 2017


Elimination is the process in the Total Drama My Way franchise where a contestant is removed from the competition, however different in the Dash 4 Cash series. Most often, when a contestant/pair completes the challenge last, they are automatically eliminated. 

Dash 4 Cash eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Tyrone Male 15th Oh Canada, My Love Clarice and Tyrone were busy making out most of the episode, so when they finished last in a tie, Tyrone opted to leave the competition.
Clarice Female 14th Golden Skies, Hawaiian Vibes She was a bit sad about Tyrone leaving for her which cost her a lot of time in the challenge, but at the last second, Pedro beat her anyway.
Sara Female Returns A Heart as Cold as Ice Anthony thought that Sara was Olivia and threw his fossil at her, knocking her unconscious and leaving her unable to finish the challenge.
Olivia Female 13th Wild Snapshots Olivia was intrigued by her and Anthony's weird relationship, distracting her from finishing the challenge.
Jackson Male 12th Ice Ice Baby Anthony pushed him into the ice-cold water, freezing him and then rode him to the safe zone.
Rachel Female 11th Fishing for Friends Rachel just got very unlucky and couldn't find a tagged fish for the whole episode while everyone else did.
Em Female 10th Sara in the Sahara Em got the slowest camel out of the bunch and, despite Anthony's penalty, still finished last.
Ben Male 9th Too Ch-easy A rat was chewing at his cheese wheel which prolonged him from finishing the challenge, and the help he received was too late.
Phil Male 8th Coffin Raiders Phil didn't remember his dead person's name, so he got a penalty that ended up being just long enough to eliminate him.
Sara Female 7th Riding Solo The emu's ended up tying her up instead of the other way around, as without Phil she didn't have any help this challenge.
Valerie Female 6th Bummer in the Bahamas Valerie had trouble finding the coin and tripped at the last second to allow Anthony to barely beat her.
Anthony Male 5th When Crazy Meets Crikey Anthony was going insane and decided to build a contraption to capture the bunny, but it blew up on him and he was unable to complete the challenge.
Cliff Male 4th Dancing With Dragons A Komodo dragon bit him on his way to the safe zone, slowing him down and poisoning him.
Destiny Female 3th The City of a Million Dollars Pedro flew up and Kayla was in better shape than her as they beat her up the staircase (barely).
Kayla Female 2nd The City of a Million Dollars Lost the final race to the last safe zone.
Pedro Male 1st The City of a Million Dollars Won the final race to the last safe zone.
Dash 4 Cash eliminations
Contestant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Staci Female 20th Dodging Hits and Throwing Fits Staci was busy blabbering about (alternative) facts regarding the numerous inventions her family made and ended up being unable to complete the first challenge.
Rodney Male 19th Insert Amazon Pun Here He was captured by the Zing Zings tribe which delayed him from finishing the challenge.
Scarlett Female 18th Third Degree Burn She was trampled by Katie, Sadie and Anne Maria during the cactus maze, which caused her to fall behind. Then, Dave beat her at the last second in a race to the safe zone.
Beardo Male 17th I'm Coco-nuts For You He was accidentally nailed in the head with a coconut (Mr. Coconut), knocking him unconscious for the whole duration of the challenge.
B Male 16th Hello and Dubai The challenge was to climb a hotel to the top, but since B is extremely large and heavy, he was unable to even jump off the ground and climb, therefore causing his easy elimination.
Cameron Male 15th Hot, Cold and Everything In Between After Sugar melted the ice accidentally, Cameron along with 5 others were trapped on the other side of the safe zone. He waited for Leonard to use magic, and when he did, he ended up being the last one to arrive.
Beth Female 14th Cha-Ching in China Sam offered to eat her deep fried animal for her since she didn't want to. When they reached the safe zone together, she was given a penalty for not completing part 1 of the challenge.
Trent Male 13th Cha-Ching in China The rickshaw he chose to pull had Gwen in it, and they had a lengthy conversation that delayed his arrival to the safe zone. He was originally going to be safe, until Don revealed it was a double elimination.
Eva Female 12th Beach Bums Eva got hit by a rock and then run over twice by contestants on paddle boards while she was in the water, preventing her from completing the challenge.
Brick Male 11th Santa's Little Elves He was sabotaged by Justin and Anne Maria, and left under a snowbank. He wasn't able to get out in time to complete the challenge.
Sugar Female 10th Bailar Conmigo She received two penalties after injuring both special guests involved with the challenge.
Sam Male 9th Oiling Over the Top He slipped and fell in Anne Maria's oil spill, causing him to be tired and oily. He couldn't get on his cheetah since he was too slippery.
Katie Female 8th Journey to Middle Earth After being poisoned by a snake in the previous episode, Katie was unable to do anything on her own, so Sadie dragged her through the whole challenge. However, when they showed up at the safe zone, they were the last two.
Leonard Male 7th Jailbirds Although he finished second in the challenge originally, Don decided to disqualify him for continuously using magic, even after repeated warnings that it is against the rules.
Jo Female 6th Crashdown in Frozentown She was continuously attacked by wolves and unable to create her signal flame, which allowed everyone else to finish before her.
Sadie Female 5th The Wall Shall Fall Just like Katie, she was poisoned, but this time by scorpions. Her injury caused her to be unable to complete the challenge, after originally falling behind anyway.
Dave Male 4th Russian Rendezvous After going by himself and not being able to find the red ball for a while, he finally did and was climbing back up to the top before falling, allowing Justin to claim the final finale spot.
Ella Female 3rd The Art of Winning A Million Dollars She put her picture in the wrong place, and after Justin overtook her, she was eliminated.
Justin Male 2nd The Art of Winning A Million Dollars He fell from the Eiffel Tower, causing him to be injured and not complete the challenge
Anne Maria Female 1st The Art of Winning A Million Dollars She flew to the safe zone after Justin fell from the Eiffel Tower, allowing her to claim the win.
Dash 4 Cash eliminations
|Contestants Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Doug and Esteban Male and Male The Foreigners Returns Great Barrier Beef After the stepbrothers knocked them into the water, the four of them continuously bickered. When they both raced to the safe zone, the two foreigners were the last to show up due to them swimming while the stepbrothers ran on land.
Chet and Lorenzo Male and Male The Stepbrothers 12th It's A Mile To The Nile After bickering the whole ride to the Nile River, Lorenzo was about to complete the challenge twice before being knocked out by Sierra and Stephanie, delaying him.
Abi and Ed Female and Male The Designers 11th Yu, Mi, And A Cup Of Tea After Ed initially wouldn't listen to Abi, they tried the challenge again only to this time fail as the last team reached the safe zone.
Carrie and Devin Female and Male The Best Friends 10th Frozen Failures Carrie finally confessed her feelings to Devin, only to be shot down, making her unmotivated for the challenge. When she finally went to complete it, Donna hit her with her sled unintentionally, knocking her out and giving her a concussion. They had to be medically evacuated.
Donna and Sierra Female and Female The TD Uber Fans 9th Burn Baby Burn Sierra's weight was too much for Donna to carry, so she fell down on the hot charcoals, burning her face and whole body. Sierra was too sad and crying to do anything, so the two fell to last place.
Doug and Esteban Male and Male The Foreigners 8th Double Whammy After Esteban got them an early lead, Doug's blisters from last challenge slowed them down, which caused Esteban to resort to dragging him to the safe zone, where they were ultimately last.
Crimson and Ennui Female and Male The Goths 7th Double Whammy Their pet bunny Loki got scared by a parrot, and they frantically searched for him for a majority of the episode. After the cadets found him for them, they raced the Foreigners to the safe zone, beating them, but ultimately being eliminated in a surprise double elimination.
Jen and Tom Female and Male The Fashion Bloggers 6th Pizza Party They fell behind in the challenge due to Tom not knowing how to make a pizza, and also feeling negative about their fashion blog. When it looked like they would beat out the Daters for 5th place, Chef was disgusted by their pizza, causing them to fall to last.
Jacques and Josee Male and Female The Ice Dancers 5th Beauty and the Beach Josee started to get crazy and tried too hard to get rid of the Police Cadets. Despite Jacques trying to calm her down, she would not let them finish building their sand castle, leading to their elimination.
MacArthur and Sanders Female and Female The Police Cadets 4th Graveyard Blues Originally in position to finish the challenge second, Chef and his gang ran into MacArthur and Sanders which caused Sanders to realize they could re-arrest Chef. They chased him around, allowing The Daters to pass them, and fell into last place.
Ryan and Stephanie Male and Female The Daters 3rd Only One Will Trump Them All - Finale Their taxi driver was Chef, who was trying to stall them out for no other reason than to sabotage the show. After jumping out of the taxi, they got a late start on the designing challenge, and got into a fight after Ryan didn't know how to dress Stephanie up.
Brody and Geoff Male and Male The Surfer Dudes 2nd Only One Will Trump Them All - Finale After Chef was taken down by Pedro, the Surfer Dudes momentarily forgot about the challenge until they saw the Millennials running towards the final safe zone.
Leslie and Sharon Female and Female The Millennials 1st Only One Will Trump Them All - Finale After Chef was taken down by Pedro, Leslie reminded Sharon about the challenge and took off for the final safe zone before the Surfer Dudes, ultimately beating them out and winning.
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