There is 1 season in the Big Brother series. They are listed in order here, with links to their main page and elimination table. 

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There is 1 generation of contestants in the Big Brother spinoff series. There are a total of 12 contestants.

  • There are 2 contestants from Generation 5
    • These include Abi and Ed.
  • There are 10 contestants from Generation 7
    • This includes everyone.  


Total Drama Big Brother episodes
E# S# Episode Airdate
Total Drama: Big Brother - S1
1 Rolling Right Into It August 31, 2017
2 Drinks on Me September 2, 2017
3 Water Wars September 6, 2017
4 Key to the Game September 8, 2017
5 Quote of the Century September 11, 2017
6 Refuse to Defuse September 12, 2017
7 Personal Preference September 13, 2017
8 Shoot for the Stars September 13, 2017
9 A Bot's Best Friend September 17, 2017
10 Face Value September 18, 2017
11 OTEV the Tree September 20, 2017
12 What the Bleep October 6, 2017
13 Cowboy Conundrum October 8, 2017
14 Before or After October 9, 2017
15 Match Maker October 10, 2017
16 The One Before the Finale October 11, 2017
17 Final Three vs The Jury October 13, 2017


Eviction is the process in the Total Drama: Big Brother series where a houseguest is removed from the competition, most often occurring after they are voted for by the other members in the house after being nominated. Other possible methods include quitting, leaving due to injury, or being automatically eliminated for coming in last.

Total Drama: Big Brother - S1 evictions
Houseguest HoH's won PoV's won Rank Episode Reason for eviction
Cris 0 0 12th Drinks on Me Cris constantly annoyed the houseguests for his somewhat racist remarks, and given the opportunity, they wanted him out.
Dawit 0 1 11th Key to the Game Dawit became paranoid after thinking a younger version of himself was somehow in the house, causing the other houseguests to be a little scared of him.
Silver 0 0 10th Refuse to Defuse Silver was not a threat, but after his outburst from being consistently ignored and belittled, Darryl put him on the block in order to get rid of him.
Noahh 0 1 9th Shoot for the Stars Noahh was Bianca's main target for a while, despite not winning many challenges. But after Silver called out his and Ed's alliance upon his eviction, Noahh became public enemy #1 for everyone.
Faith 0 1 8th Face Value After Bianca lost complete trust in her, she became her target when Noahh left. With Gove and Adam scheming to make a big move, they put two girls up, and ultimately, the house felt like they were getting rid of a threat.
Ed 0 0 7th What the Bleep After plenty of fallouts, including Gove abandoning him and Silver calling out his alliance with Noahh, Ed was seen as a social threat and was evicted despite Abi's best efforts.
Bianca 1 1 6th Because of her recent power trip from being HoH, Bianca was seen as a threat, but even more so of a nuisance in the house. After Abi won HoH, she pulled a blindside on Bianca as payback for evicting her friends, in a shocking double eviction.
Astral 0 1 5th Before or After Completely blindsided, Astral got evicted after Gove tried to get back at Adam for abandoning their final two pact. With a 1-1 tie, Gove was allowed to vote and decided against evicting Darryl.
Gove 2 1 4th Match Maker Gove thought he was in the clear for an easy finale finish with his right hand man Adam, but Adam knew Gove was a major threat in the house. At first trying to keep it a secret, Gove figured out that Adam was working with Abi, and that he was the main target. Adam had the choice to send either him or Darryl home, and painfully selected him.
Darryl 1 0 3rd Final Three vs The Jury With Adam winning the final HoH and remaining loyal to his and Abi's final two deal, Darryl was the last jury member evicted.
Adam 3 3 2nd Adam lost in a 3-4 vote by the jury members. [Gove, Astral, Bianca]
Abi 3 0 1st Abi won in a 4-3 vote by the jury members. [Darryl, Ed, Faith, Noahh]
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