Ben was a contestant on Total Drama Periculum Falls. He also competed on Total Drama Periculum Falls Returns. He was one of 20 to be voted into Total Drama: The Concluding Catastrophe. He also returned as a contestant for Dash 4 Cash.


Ben is not your average football player. He is built like one and has the demeanor to go along with such types of athletes, but his humble and quiet personality is what makes him stand out. Heading into TDPF, he was a little love-shy and unconfident of his abilities. As the season went on, Ben refused to be mean or let his anger get the best of him, until things between him and Destiny got more serious. He evolved into a strong and confident character while still maintaining his lovable, teddy bear charm. He doesn't want to hurt anyone and is willing to work at something if it's for the better good.

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