Anthony was a contestant on Total Drama Periculum Falls. He also competed on Total Drama Periculum Falls Returns. He was not voted in Total Drama: The Concluding Catastrophe. He also returned as a contestant for Dash 4 Cash: The New Generation.


Anthony started out as a kid with many personal and emotional problems. His intentions were cruel and his feelings hidden, but over time he would learn to open up a bit more. He has always been considered as an outsider no matter the environment he is in, so making friends for him was always hard. This is why he resorts to just making fun of others. By the time of Dash 4 Cash, Anthony has developed serious mental issues and they progressively get worse throughout the season, which are apparent in his behavior and words.

Total Drama My Way: Periculum Falls

Total Drama My Way: Periculum Falls Rerturns

Total Drama My Way: The Concluding Catastrophe




  • He one of six contestants to have been sabotaged by Voz.
  • He has been eliminated back-to-back with Olivia in two seasons.



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